Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Compleat Tragity

Notice how beautiful and long my nails are in this picture:

Now here's what happened: I joined a basketball team last week. First, I got supper sweaty, ran home to take a shower, tryed to turn on the water to fast and broke my nail on the foset-nob. And if that wasn't sad enough, I broke three more while practicing my dribling today! :P I desided if I'm gunna do this "sport" stuff I'd have to cut my beutiful nails. haha...

And now they don't look nearly as good... It was really a sad moment cutting them. Totaly tragic.

Now taht i have vented about my nails :P I'll move on.
Like I said, I joined basketball. The first practice was yesterday and it was really fun! I am really exited for it, becuase I haven't really done a sport since we've been in Malawi. I tryed Netball, but it's so lame in my opinion.

I have youth group soon right after a pot luck up campus. That's always fun. It's just that it gose untill 9:00 on a school night and I ahve to wake up at 5:00 AM, and you know how much I love my sleep.

Other than the usual there haven't been alot of things going on. Life changes SO fats here. one minut life is like this, the next, unexpectedly, it's like you've been moved to a diferent country intirly. It's hard... but, it life.

Lately I have been living that "you don't know what'cha got untill you've lost it" type of thing. Sometimes, I think I can take great frinds for granted. And when they are gone... I realize how empty I feel. REALLY empty.

sigh. . .

Thank God for Email... but, it's not the same, for sure. And thank God that alot of my freinds actualy write me back. haha!

I am having trouble beleiving that Timmy is really gone... It's almost hard living life here without him. I mean, I get on, and God has actualy been giving me alot of peace and srength going into this new year, but Timmy has been a huge part of my "Malawi life" since the year I got here. It's just SO weird without hima and JohnMark.

Anyway... I better get going. Thanks so much for reading! have a great day!

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