Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oh yes, the hoodie days

lately, it's been rainy and cold in Malawi. I for one, LOVE IT! I can wear jeans and a sweat shirt all day, and heres the best part, I don't die! Most of the time it's so hot that I sweat no matter what I wear, so I am really apriciating the oportunity to wear my hoodie! :)

My blog is a little bit under constuction at the moment - my apologees. Life has been a little busy for me lately. This week is mid-term exams. I have been studying a TON! I'm in 7th grade so this year was my first year to have finals. It was kind of freaking me out at first, but yesterday wasn't to hard so it's all good from here.

Right now I am writting from the computer lab at school. All of our classes are and hour and a half long and we only have 4 classes today. The computer exam was pretty easy and we finished early, so here I am!

I have to go to luch now but I'll write again soon.
Thanks for reading!
have a great day!

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