Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Still in S.A. (With Guest Star Steve)

Stephen Trumble, the celebrty, my little brother, will now tell you how he has liked South Africa so far on this trip:

"It was fun coming to South Africa. South Africa started out fun, but now it's not fun. We don't get to go home so I'm sad. I like home better becuase it has all our stuff and cats. It's also very happy I guess. South Africa is diferent and not as happy becuase you can't do much becuase it's not your home.

"For the last few days we have stayed with a person. Her house is nice but not our home. It's nice cuz it is very old. There is good food. not really good. just good. the house is really big and has a LONG hall way.

"At this house we did movies. Wich means we had fun making movies in this house. The hallway was really good for the movies. The animals at her house are very nice and lovable. My favorite is TINKERBELL the white cat, becuase she is very white, fluffy, cute and scared.

"Church here that we wnt to I didn't like becuase it's not our church. They drink alot of tea here and at church they drink alot of tea too.

"I went driving with Dad to the store. There were these too people and they stole somthing. And then the two people took somthing from a man who was walking and the man who was walking told the police. We think that the two men got cought becuase they went into a dead end. But we don't know. It was interesting and we don't know what happened. We saw i form the car.

"The tea here is very very very nice. 3 verys. um... and I want to go home.

"We got some stuff but we missed christmas in Malawi cuz we were in south Africa and lost all our break.

"I am not excited for school to start. I don't want to have to go strate back to school. Oh and the Serras, Timmy JohnMark and others who are our fun good fiends, left so I am sad. I am glad that I stull have other people that I know.

"Thank you for reading homemade blog part by Steve 'Russle Tronbone'"

Ok, now I'll write.

We came to South Africa for Christmas over the Christmas break and were suposed to get back a few days ago butwe were delade becuase our travel buddies' car is really messed up. We are all pretty ready to get home but right now we are staying with an older lady who loves missionaries and said she would take us in for a few days untill our frinds car got fixed. She is really nice and hospitable and makes really great food. My brotehrs and I have had fun here making videos in the house and yard. We are all ready to leave though.

When we get back and go to school again it will be weird becuase some people ahve left and more people have come back. Life will just be alot diferent and I'm not sure I'll like it. I already really miss Timmy and JohnMark who unexpectedly moved to America while we were still in South Africa. They have been really good friends to Jim and I and also Will and Steve. They beacme like famiyl to me at least and I will really miss both of them.

Yesterday we went to McDonalds (very cool since I havent had it for the two years I've lived in Malawi) It tasted prosesed and I ddin't like it as much as I thought... Anyway. We all wore Bronco colors becuase we were really excited that they won the first game of the playoffs.

Please pray for us to have a safe and smooth trip back, for finals at school when we get back (oh joy), for Timmy and johnMark's family settling in in Florida, My cousin Kimberly as she is sick (with i forgot what it's called, I'm sorry) that she would have a swift recovery, Steve says to pray for the ABC campus to be good and keep going, and for the Broncos to win again :P no just kidding about that one.

THanks for reading,
Liz and Steve

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