Friday, April 27, 2012

About You

Me? uh... I like to think of myaelf as an artist, weather it be in writing, drwing, music, or just my way of seeing life. I beleive God made us all artists in a way uniqu to each person.

I love all forms of art. Art is one of two things that can tap into my soul so to speak. The other being God's word, and God Himself. I love everything about God, and I can't get away from Him. Similerly, although I like to be alone alot, I can't get away from the art and beauty in everything and especialy in other people.

I love my family, and that includes people who have become wealded into my family since moving to Malawi. God has blessed me with the kinds of people that I never even dreamed I'd have the privilage of knowing. I've even come to realize how incredible my own emediate family is to me.

I never used to see the great inpact of people on my life. I used to get all tied up over myself all the time - tryign to be cool, look pretty - a wast of time. You're never gunna be cool, so stop trying. life is life. Just live it like you mean it.

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