Monday, April 30, 2012

Gerard Way

Currently Gerard Way is my favorite famous person. Formerly the only other "famous people" I have liked have been Tim Tebow and 'L,' a fictional character from an anime, Japanese show called Death Note, which doesn't really count. Generally I don't like TV shows and movies very much, and I usually don't have a lot of respect for actors, band members, or athletes. Tim Tebow was an exception. He inspired me. He still dose. This time, too, Gerard Way, singer for the band My Chemical Romance, has made another exception to my regular indifference and has made it to a place in my heart.  I don't "like" him if that's what you are thinking. He is old (35) and has been married for 5 years. For some reason I just grew attached to him when I heard him sing and later when I researched more about the band and about him.

 I care about Gerard Way a lot for some strange reason - as if I know him personally. It's odd, because usually I don't even go anywhere near non-Christian music, but this time I not only fell in love with the music but also with the singer. I pray for him all the time as if I know him, and it breaks my heart that he isn't a Christian.  I care about him and it's hard to think that I'll have to watch him die and not be accepted into Heaven by God. I've never before had anyone very close to me who is not a christian, but it feels that way now. I feel like somone very close to me is missing the whole point of life! It's hard. I know God loves him though, and He has blessed him. God has also blessed me through Gerard Way by using him as an example and an inspiration for certain things in my life that I will talk about later.  
Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance, probably around age 30

Let Me Introduce You to Gerard Way.

Gerard Way was born in New Jersey, USA, on April 9th 1977. From the way he talks about his parents, they were good, loving parents to him and his brother Mikey (who plays the bass in the band). His grandmother taught him "everything he knows." She was the first one to get him into drawing and singing. He always really enjoyed drawing and has drawn since he was a little kid. He didn't necessarily consider himself good at it. He just did it a lot and eventually got to "being OK at it."

He says that in high school he was basically the outsider kid who sat in the back of the classroom wearing black and drawing pictures. He had a problem with drugs and alcohol, but he has been over that for more than 10 years now. He never wanted to be cool, never thought he was cool, and was totally good with that. "It's becoming conferable with that that I think is really good" he said.

Gerard Way finished high school and has said "If you don't go to high school, you're going to jail" and he continued on to go to The School Of Visual Art in New York. He really enjoyed that and learned a lot there. He still uses a lot of the things he learned there as a hobby and also for things in the band. He designs the album covers for MCR (My chemical Romance) and uses what he knows for show makeup. He always dreamed of being a comic book artist/writer and was an intern at DC comics for a while after college. He wrote a few comic books, the main one being "The Umbrella Academy," but that didn't really work out for him and sadly came to a close. Although, he still draws comics and paints and sketches in his free time. (and he is really good)

One day in 2001 as he was driving to New York for work he decided he wanted to start a band. After the comic book business didn't work out for him, he thought he'd give music a try.  (I don't really know the exact story, though) His brother Mikey had the idea to call the band "My Chemical Romance" because of a romance novel he saw in the library with something in the title about "chemical romance." Since then they have released four albums. Their songs are a bit dark and they have some explicit songs. (which either Jim or I deleted off of my iTunes. Personally though I like their music. I can pull Christian messages out of it too if I want to. Which I do.)

On a tour in 2007, in Denver Colorado, Gerard met LynZ from some other band that was on the same tour with them. They got married back stage after one of the shows. Some person who doubled as an ordained minister married them right there. No wedding dress or anything. They have been married ever since and have a daughter named Bandit Lee.

Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance

I don't necessarily suggest My Chemical Romance to Christians unless you like that kind of stuff. I like it because of the sound and the singing and because I've grown an attachment for Gerard Way and really the whole band. If I didn't know anything about them the music would probably creep me out.


So How Does Gerard Way Inspire Me?

I am inspired by how much heart Gerard Way puts into really everything he does.  When he sings, he sings with a lot of passion and gets the sound not only from his vocal cords but also from his soul. It reminds me of Collisions 3:23 which says "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord, not for men." Although he may not be working for the Lord, I admire the confidence, strength and contentment that he portrays even within his slightly morbid songs. I know that he obably is a little unhappy, uneasy and discontent simply from not having Christ, but like he said about being comfotorble with not being cool, he is comfortable being an outsider, being who he really is on the inside, not what he thinks people will like. He is good about staying strong in what he dose and really caring about the people around him, and using his talents - not just leaving them be.

The whole "cool" thing that Gerard said sort of affected my attitude. I think God used it to help me change my attitude about myself and my talents. The thing that started the attitude change was a quote from Tim Tebow's book that I read in December "what's the point of being normal", but from that I told my self to be abnormal. The "you're never gunna be cool, so stop trying" quote by Gerard Way I think re-enforced the Tim Tebow quote and gave it a different perspective. I don't have to be like other people, God made me this way with these talents. I should be content with the fact that I may never be totally amazing or the way that I thought I wanted to be, but I can strive to be what God whats me to be. Simply in that I will be "cool." 

I watched a video/interview where Gerard Way was talking about his comics and doing different art things and talking about art school. That got me totally pumped! It was extremely cool to me -all that art stuff. I find myself really respecting my fellow artists.

 Going along with the "cool" thing, I sat down to draw, and as I usually do, asked myself "what would be cool to draw, what would someone like to see in a picture?" I said "NO! Do whatever the heck you want!" So I did. I drew a bunch of boxes. It was really quite entertaining and looked better than my usual pictures do.  Gerard Way sort of re-sparked my interest in art and I'm going to try to do more with that now. I will also make sure to put more of me into my art. It has a lack of 'Elizabeth' I feel like usualy. I also discovered that Art School sounds like it would be beyond AWESOME! That is what I want to do. There hasn't been anything else that I've known I want to do when I grow up, but I want to go to art school. 

Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance, probably around 2007

I don't think you can really understand how I care about Gerard Way or how he inspires me, unless you are me. It's kind of weird. I don't really know how it happened. I'm glad it did though becuase despite My Chemical Romance being a non-Christian band, God has used my interest in it to show me a few things and help me have more of a desire to develop my talents for His glory.  God taught me a good lesson about evil too, which is another story.

God is truly good. He is sovereign and I love it! I've told Him, if My Chemical Romance becomes and obstacle, I want to be able to give it up, but I will never stop thinking of Gerard Way and praying for him, his wife and daughter,a nd the whole MCR band. 


This is an interview that I like. In it Gerard explains a bit about how the band came together and some other things. This is also where I get the "you'll never be cool..." quote from.  It's only 2:38 minuets long, so you should watch it.

 Thanks for reading! Much apriciated.


  1. What a great post! If art school doesn't work out, you should think about writing. I wish we had been there when ya'll were there. I think you would have liked taking art classes from my husband, Bech.

    1. Thanks! I wish you were here too. Amber alwasy talked about how art was fun when you guys were here.

  2. I randomly typed Gerard Way, and I found this. I'm happy to see a fellow christian who likes him, and I enjoyed this blog post. Good job.