Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Music Videos

I've been on Easter break for the last cuple weeks. I have really enjoyed it!  Breaks are when I can be a kid. I'm sure that will change when I live in America, but on Campus, especialy with Amber, I am a total kid. I will be so disapointed after Amber leavs. (She moves back to Missasipi next Tuesday)

Lets see. I'll try to give some examples of what we do around here for fun.

 When Amber, Sarah and I were at Jessica's house we made a music video to the song "I'm a Barbie Girl".  That was intertaining. Sarah and Amber, the blods, were odviusly Barbies. Jessica was managing the sound and was also Ken. A black, girlish Ken...  And I was camera man and head director.

 Ever since then we have been making more music videos. We were going to make a princes video or a Hunger Games video, but we didn't have anything good enough to bribe the boys with to help us out. We atempted to make a princes movie but it turned into a zombi apocolips thing. I guess taht's what happens when you involve Will and Steve and two teenage boys(Jim and his friend and Sarah's older brother, Robert). Robert makes a very good zombi.

The only other Videos we've made are music videos to Beatls songs. They didn't really work out becuase our Microsoft live movie maker is a piece of crap. Amber, Steve and I made one to "All You Need is Love" about Amber being in love with the green cat pillow pet that Amber and I made last year.  Most of it was just us wearing weird hats and acting loopy though.  The one Amber and I did today with Will, Steve, and Samuel (Spencer. Lives up the street.) was to "I Am The Walrus". It was themed around corn flakes and eggs.  The two videos atached are from that music video. It dosn't have music becuase we never got that to work. I think tehy are funny though.

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