Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yes, I get cold

I am from Colorado where it gets cold, but living in Malawi where the temperature is around 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit at night, I get cold. I almost don't remember Colorado much or how it felt or looked, but I know I get quite cold here.  I have even been wearing socks! And SHOES!  I KNOW! (in case you don't know me well, I never wear shoes and I don't even own very many socks)

The one thing that I've been thinking about as far as cloths is GLOVES!  I have been fantasizing about having fingerless cloves and being all cool with my fingerless gloves. haha.  It would be cool to have some. I'd wear them all the time, because I think they are boss and because my hands get freakin' cold all the time! 

These look really cool. hehehe
I've alwasy wanted some boots and fingerless gloves. I don't know if I would actualy wear boots... probably not.  I'm into my converse right now. I used to be obsesed with Converse and thought you were a totaly cool kid if you wore them.  That was back when Amber and I were the only ones with Converse.  I think we sort of started a trend at school, becuase now allot of people have them. I'm glad it's cold and I have an excuse to wear my Converse though. My Grandparents sent me some boss half high top Converse and I never really wore them, but now I am so thankfull I had them and I wear them almost every day.

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