Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's A Wonderful Day

The back of a notebook that someone gave me
 As can only be said by Hello Kitty, it is "A Wonderful Day!" 

I've had a good week. I've had a pretty good time ever since maybe Tuesday last week. Life seems somehow dramatically different. My great friend Amber moved to America a few weeks ago, which was a big change, but other than that life just seems all together different as well.

Like I've said before, I've been really inspired, if that is the right word. I've felt pretty content and jumpy, like life is great. It really isn't anything too exciting. Actually it's kind of weird right now...

Yesterday was Labor Day so we didn't have school. I don't know where Jim was. He is my usual hang out buddy these days, although he never dose anything. Anyway, I followed Will around all day, or he followed me. I don't know, but we hung out all day. We went and sat up campus and drew pictures for a while and then walked around and talked about things. I'm really thankful for Will. Jim has always been my BFF brother, but Will is fun to talk to about frivolous things and he is my drawing buddy.

 Steve and I  ate ice cream and then Will, Steve and I went up to the pavilion where Will taught me how to ride this rip stick thing. That was really fun.

I didn't really do much, but I drew like 5 different pictures and brought my sketch book (that Uncle Steve and Aunt Jan got me by the way) everywhere I went. That was cool. It's actually a really cool feeling and comes in really handy. When I am in America, and actually go places, I think I'll bring it everywhere too. I really have noticed the last few days that I've gotten a lot better since like a year ago. I'm pretty happy with myself on that.

Jim just told me my breath smells extremely bad (thanks a lot) so I think I'll go brush my teeth. I have to babysit tonight, so I think I'll go ride the rip stick for a while before it gets dark.

Thanks God for this, another wonderful day!

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