Thursday, May 17, 2012


My dad said I should post about havin Malaria, so here I go.

First of all I want to thank everyone for your nice messages and emails and especially for your prayers. I'm so thankful to have so many Christians around me and so many people who care about me. THANK YOU!

I'm pretty much better today. I just have a bit of a headach and stuff. Maybe I will go to school later.

Here is how it started:

On Thursday my face was really tense and around my eyes and forhead really hurt. That wasn't that big of a deal.

On Friday I woke up feelin the same way except  a lot worse. How ever I moved my eyes made them really hurt, my face was aching, my legs were aching and I was pretty tired. My mom said I could stay home (I was really glad!) but said that if I started feeling better I should go to school. 

I cut myself an apple in case I would want it and climbed up onto my loft bed to try and sleep. My whole boddy started to be really in pain. It was like hot needles were being poked in and out of me all over my cold boddy. My feet felt like they were in a bucket of ice the whole day even though I had two pares of socks on, two blencets wraped around them pluss the cumfortor over me and a pillow on top.

I pretty much just stayed up there falling asleep and waking up and rollin around and mounin in pain for about five hours, but I was gettign SO thursty! The only thing I wanted was that apple down on my desk (becuase it had watter in it and I was totaly dieing). For about half an hour I debated with myself weather or not to go down and eat it. I didn't feel very strong anymore and I didn't want to fall to my death down the latter.  Eventualy I got down though, grabed my apple from the desk and layd on the matrice under my bed and ate it. It was really good. And then it was gone....

My feet were still freezing, and at that point I didn't have any blencets or lillows. I was just on the matrice becuase I was too weak to climb up on my bed again. I think I started going kind of dalirius becuase I was feeling these wierd feelings as if I had felt them before when I played with some toy when I was a kid. I remmebered hating whatever toy it was and hating the feeling of it. It made my teeth feel wierd, my throte, my stomach, my arm, my hand... I tosed and turned trying to think of what the toy was and trying to stop the feelings from coming back to me for probably an hour. After that I started aching all over again and started mowning, and then crying.  Maria (our cook) heard me and was aparently looking all over for where the crying was coming from. She opened my door and asked if I was sick.

"Yes." I replyed.
"Are you ok?" She asked, looking really concerned.
"Do you want me to call your dad? He is right over there, at the office."
"No, I'm ok."

She asked maybe three times more but I said I was ok, so she left.  After that though I started thinking maybe I should have told her to get my dad. I wasn't really thinking strait I don't think becuase I really didn't think that there was much wrong with me. I waited untill 12:15 or so when my dad came home anyway for lunch or somthing. I herd Maria telling him what happened. I think. I'm not really sure. and he came in. 

"Are you not feeling happy or you're not feeling well?" He asked me.
"Not feeling well." I replyed.
"Oh! You're really not feeling well, then. We should get you tested for malaria."

Ughhhh.....  I was like, I don't have it, I never do. Great they get to poke me with a needle. ugh.
We went up to the clenic where theydidn't just poke my finger, they full on drew blood from my arm. It didn't really hurt, espesialy with all the other pain in my boddy, but I all freaking out. 

I went and layed down in some hospital bed to wait for the results.

"She's got +4." Someone came in and said. There were alot of people in there. It was kind of nice. I like the clenic. It's pretty slack if your a campus person, and I know all of the nurses and doctors. They are all moms of my friends or wives of teachers and stuff.

In my head I was kind of like "Oh... I have Malaria. well... If your gunna get it, may as well get it the worst."  I don't why. I mean, yeah. It'd be sucky if I just got +1 or somthing. Of corse then they wouldn't of had to needle me as much.

I was super dehirdated  and they had to give me whatever medicin that it was through a drip, so they started to put the IV thing in my hand.  I WAS FREAKING OUT!  Ok, regardless of weather it actualy hurt that bad or not, they were putting a needle IN MY HAND and then there was gunna be a plastic tube IN MY VANE!  aauuuagghhghuuuaghhh! The mental knowledge did not help me.  

My vaens were like to small becuase I was so dehidrated so they tryed a bunch of times in diferent places to get it in me. The one on my left hand hurt like HECK! OH. MY. GOODNESS. It bent or somthing and went in wrong and MAN DID IT HURT!

Anyway. blah blah blah. I stayed in the clenic over night and through all of Saterday. Threw up a frew times on Friday night. (although there was nothing in my stomach except orange juice.  That hurt my throte alot...)

It was really hard to get up and use the bathroom. I was super weak and I almost fell over whenever I got up. That was interesting... My right hand was attatched to the IV too so I wasn't allowed to really bend it. Taht made things really hard as well. Even when tehy took it out my hand was really swollen and didn't bend corectly.

Other than that I've pretty much been sleeping this entire week. Yesterday I was up a little more. You can pretty much concider me better now.

Thanks again for all of the juice and candy and things that people have brought me. Thankf for all your prayers and concern. I kind of had fun being really sick. It's REALLY REALLY TERRIBLE though!  Don't get malaria! 

Well. I'm signing out now. Thanks for reading.  I apologize for my bad writing today. I just wrote it how it sounded in my head with no alterations. ... very profetional. I know.

Thanks again. God bless.

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