Monday, May 21, 2012


I am back and functioning after having +4 Malaria. If you asked me how I feel I would probably say that I feel totally normal. I do. But in P.E. today after running three laps I didn't feel too wonderful. Mondays are always conditioning in P.E. so we ran three laps and then were given a long list of things we had to complete in the next 40 min. It's just things like sit-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, lunges, jumping-jacks, more laps, basketball skills (like around the waist and all that) and a bunch of things like that. Mr. Borders told me to just sit down and drink some water. He also said I probably shouldn't have run those three laps since I'm still "recovering."  I don't feel like I'm still recovering, but I guess I am because just that felt like I had done all I could do.

After a while I went and did some ball skills with Jim, Gi-won and Mzati and then timed them on my watch for their leg-lifts. We all did sit-ups, and attempted to do chin-ups and then we watched Gi-Won try to do diamonds or whatever. Marine push-ups. The three of them got everything checked off after that so Jim and I talked to Mr. Borders about zombies and comic books for a few minuets until class was over.

Lunch, like all lunch breaks at school. was boring. I did home work. A lot of people actually do home work during lunch. I guess it's just that boring for pretty much everyone. A lot of people, Jim and I included, don't bring food so there really isn't anything to do. We just eat when we get home mostly because Maria makes food and it's ready when we get there, but also because if you bring food to school you will get a bunch of people begging you for it. It's a good thing to avoid, so we just join the beggers.

I have a buttload of home work. It's... such a joy. I spent my entire weekend doing home work from when I was sick and waiting for Will to come home. Will finally did come home but was to grumpy to hang out with so I did more home work. After that I did more home work but this time told Will about it while I worked.

Today I went to school thinking I was pretty caught up, but instead I got ahead in science, witch is better to do in class anyway because it's easier to understand at school, and I got behind in things like Math, Bible and History which are TERRIBLE to do as home work! I have 4 lessons in math ( 120 problems most of witch have parts a b and c ), a lesson in bible that I didn't know  I had ( may take me about an hour ), and a history project due a lot sooner than I thought. It's due next week and I have to make a 20 slide power point, 3 minuet intro video, a quiz, a game, and write an essay! That won't be easy. I've been putting it off because it sounds too hard.

I'm not understanding math at all, so I need my dad's help. My mom doesn't even know how to do this stuff and Jim is a terrible teacher, so Dad is my best option. Unfortunately he isn't home until night and even then he is usually doing something. I also wanted his help on my history project....

I wish this school did more with things like, say creative writing and art. Those are about the only things I can do...

Anyway. This is my life: School... And this has been my Monday back. School actually didn't last too long today, witch I am very happy about. I made it all the way to the end without dieing. Only four more weeks.

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