Friday, October 5, 2012

Wise words from Elizabeth:

. I could write a lot, but I'll be concise.

1. Biblical knowledge and principles present themselves, or have the opportunity to be presented, more frequently than some people may first expect.

2. A purpose is determined by God, but a goal is set by us according to His word so that we may be fit to fulfil His purposes for our lives in whatever way it may be.

3. People are as vulnerable and easily won over as sheep until the stability and truth of Christ is accepted, applied, and lived.

4. Rubbing Jesus in arrogantly won't leave a positive mark, but the truth is that everything that is good, right, pure, beautiful, true and worthwhile is somehow connected to Him, so, unless you're some kind of sick, we should naturally talk about, think about, and center things around Jesus, who is the only reason we aren't nothing. 

5. The greatest characteristic of God to me is His love. When I abandon Him time and time again, deliberately and continually, all He does is continue calling my name and pursuing me. I am His child and He loves me because He wants to, not because I'm faithful or valuable by any means. He wants what's best for me, so He loves me and calls me to a better life each and every time I turn my back on Him.  He never gives up or decides I'm not worth it.

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