Saturday, December 29, 2012

so much. . .

I know I am on break and everything, and i know it's "just" 8th grade, but it's been busy.  Life has been hard for me.  My family is wonderful, my school is nice, I love my class-mates, and my teachers are pretty nice, but it's just me.  It's just been a tough time. 
Go ahead and tell me "your just a teenager,"  "it's not actually THAT bad," "you don't have anything to cry about," ...  and so on.  I'll drown you out!  You don't know.  No one really does.  Only God knows. . .

So,  I'm sorry It doesn't seem like I do much, in anything. I do. I try. If it takes me a long time to respond to a message or talk to you or anything, either accepted or forget it.  I'm sorry my best isn't always good enough. 

I'll get through. 

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  1. I know what they feels like. I used to feel it frequently. Even if it seems small, your problems can feel like the heaviest thing on earth. I love you madam, I hope that you don't feel like this any more.