Friday, March 29, 2013

Good, it's Friday.

Today is Good Friday! 
I woke up wearing all black, and realizing it was Good Friday, I wasn't sure whether it would be more appropriate to wear black (since Jesus dies on the cross), or to wear colorful Easter colors.   I went with colorful, because black means emo to me, not mourning. When I look in the mirror and see all this color I'll say, "Why am I wearing this? Because Jesus died for my sins!"

Plus, I figured I should show off my temporary tattoo (which is from a cereal box)  for one more day.  I definitely don't want to get a real tattoo, unless of course I am married and we get our rings tattooed so that they never come off or something like that.

I had to slap it on my own back. Jim wouldn't help me because he was jealous. And I had to take my own picture because it grosses Will and Steve out.

 I tried to take some Good Friday/Easter pictures, and cats are great accessories for such things, but my cat Fishy is not very photogenic. It was meowing at me the entire time. 

Again, my brothers wouldn't help me, so Fishy and I were on our own. 

Fishy is there in the left corner walking away. 

  Here are my 'Easter necklaces.' Oh yes.  My locket says "Jesus Loves" inside (but it looks really gehto)  
Nevertheless, it seemed appropriate.  

Have a blessed day.  Remember our Lord. 
We're watching The Passion of the Christ tonight so I'll probably cry.   
Who knows what tomorrow will hold...  4Square maybe?

 (P.S. I am now on Twitter!)

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