Friday, March 29, 2013

MCR Post - Postponed

I am going to have to postpone my post about saying goodbye to My Chemical Romance.  There is so much to say, and frankly, after I lost my initial train of thought a couple days ago, I have yet to put myself again in the 'reflection' mood.  I regret the late coming of the post since it has already been a week since the band's break up, and I intended to post it a mere two or three days following, not 7...  But perhaps it will be better to put it up once all of the frenzy has mostly blown over.

It is Good Friday, with Easter following, so I'd like to set my mind on Christ, not My Chem, so the post may even be delayed until Monday or Tuesday next week.

Nevertheless, to hold you over I have some links and quotes:
(not that you care) 

-The short paragraph announcing the break up on the My Chemical Romance OFFICIAL BLOG
-Gerard's entire letter to fans further explaining the break up (on Kerrang!'s website)
-Summary of letter by Gerard (on MTV's website.)
-Rock reacts to the breakup  (an article about tweets from other rock stars reactions) 
-PETITION  by fans asking MCR to do one last tour. 
-A visit to the past. 2004, My Chem's first interview with MTV.
-MCR's 10 greatest video moments  on Kerrang!  (I haven't seen/read this one.)
-Bigger Than The Sound remembers their career  on MTV's website. 
-Plans for an MCR Tribute Issue  by Kerrang! Magazine.
-Want to send Gerard Way some mail? his PO Box posted on Twitter with 2 rules
-(Issue of Kerrang! Magazine that I want.

"My Chemical Romance had, built within its core, a fail-safe. A doomsday device, should certain events occur or cease occurring, would detonate. I shared knowledge of this "flaw" within weeks of its inception. 
Personally, I embraced it because, again, it made us perfect. A perfect machine, beautiful, yet self aware of it's system. Under directive to terminate before it becomes compromised. To protect the idea- at all costs. "
— Gerard Way (Letter to fans: 2013)

“I think there’s an expiration date for this band, but it’s up to us and nobody else. Nobody here is going to be known as ‘that guy from MCR.’ It’ll be more like, ‘Frank, the guy who has a record label,’ ‘Mikey Way, who directs shark films,’ ‘Ray, the classical-guitar virtuoso,’ ‘Bob, the producer’ and ‘Gerard, that guy who…’ I don’t know, ‘writes children’s books.’ That’s the beauty of My Chemical Romance: It’s our call.
I don’t know how many records we’re going to make, providing we survive the next one. One thing we have always said from day one is that this is something special and beautiful, and it’s nobody’s but ours. This band is a special thing, and all special things are supposed to die. And when it’s time for it to die, we will put a bullet in it.”
— Gerard Way (AP Magazine: 2006)

 "I look in the mirror and feel extremely proud to still be, to this day, one of the most uncool people I know." 
— Gerard Way

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