Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What is My Chem?


My Chemical Romance was a very popular, (yet indeed non-christian) "emo-but-don't-call-us-emo," alt rock band.  It began in New Jersey (2001-2013), fronted by Gerard Way, who is also a comic book artist.  All four initial members are now married and in their thirties.

As came with speechless shock, to me and other fans worldwide, wind of My Chemical Romance's sudden brake up was posted on Friday, (22 March 2013) to the official website.  I am in the process now of writing a blog post (beware, it will be long) re-capping my journey with them as a fan this past year, and commemorating the impact they have had on my life.  I feel the cause is worthy of my attention, reflection and acceptance, seeing as how God has used the band in my life, positively and negatively  and brought them to me as a tool in the shaping of my own future and character.

I thank God for His provision and perfect planning.  Yet again He has pulled through for me in ways I could never surmise.  I thank God for My Chemical Romance, specifically Gerard Way, for what I have become, and more importantly, what I will be.

*More To Come*

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