Monday, January 13, 2014

Thinking So Hard

under the stars
"I want you forver."
I imagine im yours.
the two of us together.
i cling to the teddy bear
each of these nights
wishin it was you there,
somewhere in sight.
but we're nowhere
save the friendzone
"nothing but friends"
right, Im sure.
my life is pretend.
I always heard,
there is no return
go there,
and your stuck there
like a caged little bird.
there is no erasing.
the lesson was learned.
but here we are
have we gone too far?
there is no turnign back
we are here
with the mask,
claiming 'reset'
may I sudgest
this is all a mess
I can't get you
to get out of my head
I wish you were with me
so at least it'd be said
that you're no more than a man
remind me who my savior is.
you are not he.
youre only a teenager
who stole my heart
and burried the key