Sunday, January 12, 2014

To Meet You Again...

Written December 24, 2013

Dear You,
     This is my love letter to you, whom I do not know.
I claimed to love you once - was it three - years ago?
(What a 12 year old knew of love is a question, though.)

     You were there, and there was I,
and as I watched with my eyes,
I saw a boy. a man? no, a teen! ... Oh my.
My life had begun! - Though there were 12 years behind me.
This teen, yes a TEEN, had entered so kindly.
How young I was, but how old I felt.
And hardly did I know this kid, who made my heart melt.

    On Jesus was his attention.
On caramel brown eyes was mine.
Then perhaps we switched places,
and I ditched him and my lies.
Followed thereafter, ups and downs, lows and highs.
(The story's been told- yes of course -many times.)

    Then you, a friend- almost stranger -left without "goodbye."
But somehow I knew it wasn't needed that time,
for soon we'd say "hello," 'cause of some magical chime!

    Somehow we were friends from such distances away,
and somehow friends I think we will stay.
I knew a near stranger and a far away friend,
but never have I met this person at hand.
What I know, I do like, but there's still much to learn.
And that girl you met? - isn't now even her!

    I'd love to meet you, stranger, dear sir.
Then one day I'll know this who made my heart stir.

    What is love? I don't know.
But I'm 15 now, and we're "lovers," I suppose?

    What i know is I'll meet you,
and I'm glad to say hi.

        So, to whom I do not know,
                    Hello (not goodbye)

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  1. THAT WAS SO TIGHT!!!!!!!! I love the whole rhyme scheme and just the way you flowed with it! I really like this one :D

    Oh but I know the feeling. I didn't even really know what to expect. But I glad we finally met :).