Saturday, February 22, 2014

Refined Perspectives at the Library

     Today I'm at the library – a good, quiet, free-of-charge kind of place: This is how I relax. I have to get away from the house, but into my head, in order to make any sort of mental process or recharge; It doesn't work otherwise. If I'm at home I won't deal with real life, my emotions, my thoughts, my reality. Instead I'd rather not deal with it, so I turn to the numbing effect of candy. Likewise, if I'm away from home with friends, I'll probably just get lost in the fun - which in some cases is good - but still I will not get into the thought and reflection I need to engage in from time to time. So the library is a great compromise: It's not the house and it's not school, I can be alone enough to think but still with people, and I can be refocused, revitalized, while occupied on some sort of task. Today, my task is blogging.

     Literally just thinking about life is a healthy thing that is hard to fit into my busy schedule, but I'm glad I decided to do it here, today, because this place is interesting. Looking out of the large windows, I see a landscaped, curtained by mountains and fluffy clouds. It just about takes my breath away. I know I live in Colorado Springs, but I don't see a view like this every time I look outside. Nor do I see this kind of versatile community. There are all kinds of people that come to the library and all kinds of new things to discover, no matter who you are, or what you are or aren’t reading. I’m not reading anything. I’m not even looking for discovery. But simply being here has given my eyes new lenses to look through and a new perspective on my city.

     There must have been some sort of club that was meeting in the teen section. It was loud in there so I left as quickly as I went in, but before long I watched – from my computer table, that looks down onto the park – as a large group of teens walked from this side of the building on down the wide sidewalk. One kid had a huge head of hair bouncing around like you've never seen except in movies, and two others in flat caps had toy swards which, to my surprise, it looked like they knew how to use. One of the girls wore short denim shorts – not a surprise in today's society – but walked next to another who made a statement out of her pink ankle-lengthed skirt. That surprised me; I haven’t seen a girl wear a long skirt like that in months. The swordsmen jabbed their wooden blades back and forth at each other, galloping from here to there and back again. Some other kids lazily talked, while another group walked a little faster and reached a small tree. They hadn’t been in view of my window very long before they left – I guess it was too windy outside – but it was enough to refresh my perspective in a way.

       I guess I have forgotten that there are people out there that are different from the standard ECA student I see in my peers at school every day. I have overlooked that there is a lifestyle other than my own and an outlook separate from mine. This is, quite simply, what I’ve learned today. It’s not much. Yet, even by this small experience, I am reminded how diversely God has made His creation. I see there is more than my broken-record, daily routine. I am refreshed by these things; It gives me a breath of fresh air to see a new site and step to a bit of a new beat this Saturday. I’m out of the house. I’m blogging. I’m thinking, and it’s been quite a pleasant, relaxing, free-of-charge kind of time. I hope you have enjoyed this February afternoon and little rant from yours truly, Elizabeth Trumble. 

     This isn't the post I intended would be the only one up by now, but hopefully I will be able to work on more in the next few weeks. 

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