Saturday, July 1, 2017

Facebook Post from June 1 at 7:32pm about Twenty One Pilots

Twenty Øne Piløts.....
..So amazing it's hard to believe it's a real thing in the real world.
..Everything I ever wanted in a band..
..Everything I ever hoped for in music to listen to..
Everything I thought would never happen, couldn't happen, wouldn't happen.. 
As far as a band --a music, a movement, a message, a statement, an art form, a symbol, a cause, a thing to rally around-- this is the best. It fits me so well, expresses me so well, encourages me so well, inspires me so well, gives me hope so well, points me to God so well...
The guys are honorable and humble, especially for how much fame they have. I admire that a lot. Usually I shy away from learning more about a famous person because usually the more I learn, the more I start to lose respect for them. But with these guys I've only gained respect the more I find out about them. Plus, they don't talk about themselves a ton, so I don't end up focussing too much on them or idolizing them. They deflect personal questions and turn it into a conversation about encouraging others to think for themselves and decide what they believe for themselves. Tyler and Josh are inspirational partly because they point away from themselves a lot of times.
Twenty Øne Piløts songs are so deep and thought provoking in such a constructive way.
Their songs and ideas are about things that really matter to me too, like figuring out what to live for, finding purpose in life, fulfilling your potential, seeking God even when it seems to make no sense, creating hope and purpose through using your talents and gifts and creativity...
I love the theme of introspectiveness and analytical thought. If we never really think, we never really understand, and if we never really understand, we live without focus or purpose​, like robots or zombies.
If I'm gonna live, I want to do it right, and Twenty Øne Piløts helps me in pursuing that goal.
I love all the Twenty Øne Piløts songs where Tyler is talking to God and is being really honest. A lot of the songs seem to have a tone like "hey Lord, you're not coming through for me it doesn't seem like... But I know you are supposed to, and I know you can and will. but I'm having doubts and I'm having a hard time. I believe. Help me in my unbelief. You say it'll be ok. But it really sucks right now. But I want to try to trust you."
I am so thankful for Twenty Øne Piløts. It's a gift from God in my life. Such a special, miraculous gift to an extent that I never dreamed would be possible in real life. I'm so glad Twenty Øne Piløts is a thing.
(And yes, my phone auto corrects the slashes through the O's because it knows I'm a big fan and gotta write the name correctly. 😉😂)
And that description of some of why I like Twenty Øne Piløts was kind of all over the place but I get too excited to think super structurally.  Haha. Yes.

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