Annual Note

I haven't done an anual note for a few years and I forget what happened in those years so I'm just gonna skip them. I think I'll try to do one in January of 2016, or I might do one now for 2015.
Jan. 2012
                                                            HARD CORE CHRIST

Within the last few months I have gone through a lot of thought. I haven’t posted much about my life recently because a lot of it has just been question and answer going on between me – my mind - and God. I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember. I have always believed that Jesus is who He says He is and all the other things they taught me in Sunday school. I know for sure that some time around 8 through 10 I actually understood what it was that I was believing. Since arriving in Malawi I have gone through a LOT of different changes, experiences, phases of my life, learning, and growth.

From the time I turned 12 until the summer after my 13th birthday in March, was a really difficult, confusing, discouraging, and lonely time in my life. At that point life was definitely not a walk in the park for me, but reminds me more of sweating, worrying and trudging up a mountain that you’ve never seen before, and that you’ve found yourself to be lost on in the deepest jungles of its core.  It sounds bad I know… And it kind of was.

In the trauma of that year I think I subconsciously blocked a lot of previous memories, which is really sad for me because my little kid days were the bomb. It is a bummer to only be able to remember tiny bits and pieces.  Thankfully, though, there was an end to it – like there are to all things. I can’t remember for sure what happened, but I had known God was trying to get in; I just hadn’t wanted Him. There was a point around April maybe, of 2011, when I was confused (as I had been for a year) and it just downed on me that all I needed, was God. I felt ashamed and stupid for not realizing before, but I felt so relieved! It was all over! Everything I feared, everything I was dreading, and everything that had happened, all my confusion – it was all just taken care of right there and then! It was… Amazing!

It took me the remainder of the summer to completely recover, and to get over my old life, I guess you would say. I felt renewed but timid, because I didn’t quite know what I was doing.  The people that had been involved in my life before that were all changing for the better too, along side me, all of us in our own hearts and our own way. We were all, in a since, coming back to God.

When school started up again, I was pretty literal about getting rid of things like gossip. I was sort of a newbie. I had always been the one to just go along with the gossip, so my “guys, stop gossiping” sort of shocked my friends, and didn’t make them happy. Let’s just say it took me a couple months to perfect my methods.

Slowly I just grew in my faith and in my love for the Lord. The next real turning point was new years. I had been reading Through My Eyes, an autobiography by Tim Tebow, and it had really been inspiring me. I felt a totally new love and excitement about being a Christian, and having Christ in my life was a whole new concept. It was so, personal, so specific to ME. It was like a hope, peace, joy, anticipation, love, and excitement all warped into one feeling!

From then on until now, I almost feel like Paul. It breaks my heart to see people who are like I was. It breaks my heart to see people who are blind and lost! My heart BLEEDS for the people who don’t have Christ and who live their life in anguish, and even for the Christians who don’t quite know what they believe in.  My heart BLEEDS!  All I want to do is tell them! All I want to do is be a light! I want them to have Him like I do because I can see the DRAMATIC change in my life! I want them to feel this feeling that is so satisfying, that puts you at such peace and give you so much hope and security! And most of all, all I want to do is live my life for Jesus. He is… I can’t describe Him AT ALL!  He is beyond words and beyond comparison!  He has done SO much for me! More than I can tell! He is the best things that ever happened to me! All I want to do is honor Him.

Now, this is my goal in life: To be the best Christian, friend, sister, daughter, (fine, student. I guess) and person that I can be to the best of my ability. To be pure in the way I live my life and the things I am involved in, and to become closer and closer to Jesus in any way I can. I want to do what He made me to do, be ready for Him, at when I’m done, live with Him in heaven forever! AHHH!  Nothing sounds better!!!!!

Jesus is the only person, the only thing that can make you feel this feeling that is more like an unheard music than an emotion; A music in your soul like all of these in one: The rush and the pump that you get from hard core, the excitement and overwhelmingly happy anticipation of the airport in the morning, the relief of everything being lifted off your hanging solders, the purity and right-ness of being put on a cloud away from the sickening evil that usually surrounds you, the guilt, shame and realization of your own evil, and the gratitude, hope, peace, and satisfaction you have for the things that have been done for you by Him. 

Jesus isn’t fake. He isn’t cheesy. Jesus isn’t to be taken lightly. He is hard core, man. Hard . He doesn’t appear on the outside and maybe soak in a little. He has to get in you. I mean REALLY get in your system, more than your own blood in your body! He has to open your eyes and let you realize the best thing ever - something that can’t be told, but has to be felt. He has to awaken you, and THEN all the outside stuff will start to soak OUT.

Christ is hard core stuff. Stuff to wrap your entire life around. And I am beyond thankful that I have realized that, finally. I’ve got a long path ahead of me, but for once in my life, I’m not the least bit scared. I feel really cool. Cool as beans…

I follow my hard core Christ. To the end, man.

Jan. 2011

  The world is big. It’s bigger than I want it to be. Sometimes, I like it big. Other times, it’s too much to tack in. I live in a world, within a world; within a world. I live on the ABC campus (African Bible Collage). It’s my home; it’s where I live day to day. Stepping out of campus is like stepping out of the only world I know, and into another world I didn’t know existed. {But not quite} It’s such a different environment though, and I’m not quite used to it yet. It’s Africa. I know Africa better than some of you, and I of corse don’t go through culture shock every time I leave campus, but I don’t get off campus very often, not even to go to friends houses. Some people who live on campus HAVE to get off every now and then, just because they start to feel trapped. I don’t. Don’t ask me why. I almost wish I did. I get sick and tired of my life sometimes, school and self-consciousness, and the drama that goes along with everything, but getting off campus wouldn’t do anything about it. It’s just the way it goes.

This campus is a place I’ve learned to love even when it’s the last place I want to be. It’s where my house is, it’s where I go to school, it’s where my parents work, and it’s where everything in my life goes on. And when I say EVERYTHING I almost mean it. I can’t even remember the last time anything anywhere near being significant happened off campus. It’s quite sad really. Here I am a missionary kid in Malawi, Africa that doesn’t even want to let herself see what it’s really like past the American walls set up around her. I guess it’s just that I have so much else going on that I don’t want to bother my mind with thinking about the poverty of this place. It really is a selfish thing to say though. I guess it’s just human nature to audamaticly think selfishly, but that’s no excuse, I know.

God has put me here for a reason. That’s clear to me. But I don’t know for what reason. I feel like if God puts you in Africa, it should be to help the poor and teach God’s word, and, be a missionary. But being here, I guess I feel like that’s not really why I’m here. I’m only 12, two months from turning 13. I’m only a teenage girl, and not yet even. I don’t see what I can do, especially sence I often struggle with my walk with God as well. He’s chosen me to be here though. I realize that every day and every time I think of America. I wouldn’t be the same girl right now if I had never come here. If I had stayed in Colorado I wouldn’t be that same person I am today. I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve changed a lot, at least on the inside. I feel like I’m here more for me, at least right now. Here to be strengthened and to grow in the Lord, and also just to figure things out, and to be reminded of things I otherwise wouldn’t care to think about.

I live here, go to school here, and pretty much have a normal life. But when I think about it, it’s nowhere near normal! It’s nothing like how a girl in Colorado would live.

School stresses me out a lot, and the whole being popular thing bugs me like crazy. I’m too quiet, I’m told. And I guess people just don’t want to talk to me. So the friends I have now are the only ones I’ve got for a while. It’s hard though because eventually they will move away or go on furlough, and I won’t have any friends left. So I guess I have some things yet to learn.

Despite all the awful things in my life, which are most likely in everyone else’s as well, my life is pretty good, and I’m glad I moved here. I struggle with things, like anyone else would. I have my bad days, like I hope other people do, otherwise I’m a very grumpy person. But I live on. And I make it through. And I know I have a purpose. I just need to be reminded some times.


   I'm Elizabeth Trumble.   I'm 12 years old and I love being 12.  I live in Malawi, Africa with my family as missionaries at ABC (African Bible Colege).  I have a big brother named Jim who is 16 months older than me, Will, my little brother who is 16 months yunger than me, and Steve my other little brother who is 3 and a half years yunger than me, and of corce my mom and dad (Dan and Beth Trumble). 
      Last year (2009) in February, my perents and I came to Malawi to visit our friends who also work at ABC. While we where here on ore visit we didnt have any plans of comeing to live in Malawi, but when we got back my perents started to think and pray about it, and desided we would move to Malawi. My dad would know the story better.  About a year later (December 2010) we laft  Colorado Springs to visit a few other people in diferent parts of America, like in D.C. and a few diferent places, and then in January 2010 we left on a plane to come here.  I did not want to come at first because I would miss my friends and family in Colorado and other extended family in Iowa, but once I got here I was glad to be back and it felt like home.        

     My 12 birthday, on March 4, was my first birthday in Malawi. It was not the best birthday. We had just gotten the container of all the junk we shiped over, and the house was really packed. I was ust to a tiddy house with nothing in it, liveing off of siut cases, but when we got the container it was much messyer. 

     Last year I loved school, becasue I liked my class mates and I was learning alot of things. I felt like I had learned more just in that 2 quarters of a school year than I had in the hole past two years of school. I was sad that the school year was ending. My summer was really boring too. There is not much to do on the campus of ABC, even though the campus is pretty big.  There are not zoos to go to, or parks, or malls, and not really any resteronts.  So we played capture the flag and did things in our back yard and watched shows on DVD.   But still it was pretty boing, I was glad that school started up again this year. 

    In school we swich classes this year wich is kind of nice. We have chapel once a week on Thursday, we have P.E. every other day, 3 times a week, wich personaly I don't really like, and we have bible class ever other day as well but only 2 times a week.  School lets out at 1:10, wich is really nice, because then I have the hole after noon to do home work and other things.    I love school, call me crazy but I do.  I love to learn things. My favorite subject is science because I learn tons of things I didn't know and I also get to incorperate other subjects into it like math.

   I don't have a favorite movie because I jsut don't really care, and I don't have a favorite song or song artist because I don't really have any music to listen to, but I like to listen to music and I love to sing.  I am in choir. And if you ask me what I do for fun, I will not really have an answer. It depends on the day. If I don't have much home work I might go swimming or do something with Will and Steve, or go on the computer or back something.  On days with lots of home work I am pretty much doing home work all day exsept for lunch time and all the little brakes I take cuz I really don't want to do it.  I don't know if I have a favorite book or not. I like the Hobit, well I did, I am reading it again and it's not as good because I'm not in a fanticy kind of mood. I like Number the Stars, all thuogh I ahve not read it for a longtime and I've forgoten the story.

    If I'm around my coisin Kimberly I can be kind of girly, but I'm not as girly as she is all the rest of the time, only a little bit.  I'm just a normal girl, I'm not really really really girly but I'm not really a tom boy either. I have my ears pearsed and I where dangly ear rings and stuff like that but I'm not like "eww its a spek of dirt" all the time. I don't think any one is.

     yup. That is me. Elizabeth, Liz, Beth, Bethy, whatever you will call me.  I don't know what else to say so there you have it.  I'm sure there is more to me but I can't think of it right now.    OHHH!  and I love to draw! thats another thing.  well that just about raps it up.

              thanks for reading my blog!